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CubeSocial Team Activity

Team Activity

See conversations across your whole team


Your Inbox

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook


Outgoing Stuff

Everything you've sent and have scheduled to send


Beautifully Simple Social CRM

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Contact Card

Get a Complete View of your Contacts

View core contact information, and all tasks, notes and social media conversations related to that contact in one clear and simple screen.

Find Social Profiles

Automatically Find Social Profiles

Starting from an email address or Twitter ID, CubeSocial automatically discovers all the related social media profiles for your contacts so you can engage with your most important clients where they want to listen.

Find Social Profiles

Record Social Streams

Create a social media search and store all the results until you are ready to review them. Ideal for monitoring your brand, prospecting for new leads, and for recording conference twitter streams.

Contact Card

Find New Leads

Search for potential clients based on the social media conversations they are having, find their social media profiles and add them to CubeSocial in just a few clicks.

Contact Card

Schedule Updates

Schedule updates for any day or time... perfect for coordinating events or running campaigns that work to a set schedule.

Find Social Profiles

Post to Multiple Accounts

Post updates to multiple social media accounts in a single click to save time and reach your clients as quickly as possible.

Work Together

Team projects are where CubeSocial really shines. Define standard content for branch offices, assign enquiries to team members and track progress.

Happy Team
Team Activity

Power, Security and Convenience

Private Data

Your Data is Private

You control who sees your data. Your data is stored in our EU data centres making it easy for you to comply with Data Protection laws.


Your Data is Secure

Our servers are protected by an enterprise-grade firewall and all your transactions are secured with SSL encryption - the same technology used by banks.

Audit Trail


Social media conversations between your team and their contacts are logged in CubeSocial for complete accountability.

Customer Support

Unlimited Support

You can reach us via email and Twitter between 9am and 5pm UK time. Already have a question? Let us know at

Access Anywhere

Take it With You

Access your data anywhere, anytime, from laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups

Your data is automatically backed up and secured in our EU data centres.

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