Social Media for Accounting Firms

Social Media for Accounting Firms: Win New Business Online

Accounting firms often get a bad reputation for being one of the last adopters of new technology.

It's hard to blame them though... Accounting firms face more regulation and compliance issues than most, so change inevitably needs to be planned and managed.

One thing we hear consistently is how accounting firms would like to do more in social media, but don't always have the time or in-house expertise to get the most out of it.

At CubeSocial we have years of experience working with accountants and accounting firms, and an award winning team of experts to call on.

From complete outsourcing of your social media activity, through training, strategic planning and support, we're here to help.

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"Smart use of social media... will help us win business, achieve the growth we're after and get the best people to join us. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity."
- Accounting firm, Grant Thornton.

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CubeSocial CEO and CIMA Fellow Linda Cheung hammers home the power of social media and explains her journey from social media cynic to convert.

It's clear how powerful this is for marketing and business development... Linda and the team bring social networking in a business context to life
RSM Tenon

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