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It genuinely fills a gap in the market. CubeSocial is a fantastic UK startup which allows businesses to run social media accounts in a super-organised, dynamic way. It's awesome.

I can already see its enormous potential for making new connections and strengthening existing ones. The system is well organised, attractive and easy to use, and the CubeSocial team are friendly and helpful. CubeSocial has all the makings of an "insanely great" product.

It's really simple to use... CubeSocial is "instant personal on-line conversation management". It's a way to centralise and co-ordinate all of your on-line conversations. And as most relationships start with and depend on conversations, it's good for relationship tracking too.

...love the platform now need to get the whole team trained up! ...one of the hottest startups in town.

Finally get what @CubeSocial is all about - I like what I see, it is good

Suddenly I'm meeting new business contacts that I would never have found with conventional search methods; engaging with them, generating new story ideas, and incorporating their stories into my features.

The functionality is simple & idiot-friendly - love it; buying it!

If you feel your digital contacts difficult to control or the digital noise too noisy, take a look at this product [CubeSocial], the answer.

cubesocial revolutionary toolset for really putting social media to work for business

loving CubeSocial!! So easy to use and I even managed the Maths question :)

@cubesocial Loving your start up BTW. Great tool... Outlook integration is genius. Find. Connect. Done. Simples.

If you like tweetdeck, you will love @CubeSocial

also love how u can monitor conversations by creating ur own searches. #cubesocial definitely has value for a business

Good luck! I am loving cubesocial!

Cube Social allows you to record conversations on Social Media, track the resources on the internet where your contacts are talking and sharing information about your products. For SME's Cube Social will eliminate hours of labour intensive tasks. We think the CRM potentential of this service is massive.

...start instantly and import your contacts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, spreadsheets and any CSV file. Cubesocial has a real-time activity stream where you can see all CRM activity in a shared dashboard. CubeSocial also pulls reports to inform you where your clients hang out online.

If this isnt one of the best #salestools for a #salesdirector and his/hers team, then i really dont know what is. See what your #competition, #customers or future customers are saying round the clock... Track and follow the #social conversation and get involved at the right time, it couldn't be easier.

The concept is simple, but well executed ...worth a look for anyone using Twitter for business purposes (lawyers or otherwise)

am loving @cubesocial - its a very cool social media tool...

Law firms take note. @cubesocial is where it's at. Oooh what I would have given for that kind of software when I was in private practice.

Love promoting @CubeSocial from across the pond; a social #CRM tool for professionals in all industries

@cubesocial Yes I have been using it and I have found it easy to use and very beneficial!! #topgadget

ProjectCentreUK is testing out a new #socialmedia tool @cubesocial - well done @Connectegrity so far so awesome!

Congrats to @LindaCheungUK and the team for the launch of @cubesocial - the ultimate Twitter business generator. Looks awesome!

Great meeting this morning with @cubesocial. They've certainly got their hands on Social Intelligence.

Simple set up and user friendly. Makes sence of my social media madness. Lets me know exactly what media my contacts are using.

Taking social media targeting to a whole new level. Easy to use, powerful and innovative. Cubesocial will be the next big thing.

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