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In late 2009 Linda Cheung was about to leave Morgan Stanley to start her own business. At the time Linda had less than a dozen connections in LinkedIn and had never used Facebook or Twitter. Today, she’s CEO of CubeSocial – an award winning software development and consultancy company all about winning business through social media.

How it came to be…

We didn’t want to assume what businesses wanted, so Linda and co-founder Mark Bower went out and asked. The overwhelming answer was: new ways to win new business.

At the same time, Linda was experimenting with social media and achieving surprising results. We saw how traditional best practices still applied online and how we were able to reach a much larger yet more targeted audience. This realisation formed the basis for CubeSocial.

Roll Forward a couple of Years…

By 2012, CubeSocial had been named as one of the Top 20 Start Ups of 2011 by Startups, selected as a winner in the Local Business Accelerator Awards, and chosen as a finalist in the 2012 Cloud Computing World Series Awards.

Today, we have extended our offerings to include training and digital marketing services so that more people can benefit from all the things we’ve learned about winning business online.

Raise Your Profile

Get noticed by journalists, financers or potential customers and partners online.

Get More Leads

We deliver complete online marketing and lead generation services

Develop Your Strategy

We can help you develop a plan to deliver your online goals… whatever they may be.

The Founders of CubeSocial

CubeSocial was founded by two blue-chip escapees who wanted to share their passion for making the most of technology.

Linda Cheung


CubeSocial CEO, Linda Cheung is a recognised thought leader on the topic of social media for business. A frequent speaker at conferences and events, Linda’s highly acclaimed presentations provide a rare business perspective on social media that frequently see her called back for repeat deliveries.

Mark Bower


CubeSocial co-founder, Mark Bower is a social software veteran, having spent the last 10 years working with pioneering companies in social media, online marketing and customer relationship management.

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